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Boneless Butterflied Chicken

Boneless Butterflied Chicken

Our boneless one! Enjoy the exceptional quality of The Bare Bird free range chicken, with the convenience of boneless carving.

Boneless Butterflied Chicken Packaging
Boneless Butterflied Chickens are quick to cook
Boneless Butterflied Chickens are easy to carve
Boneless Butterflied Chickens will break the midweek meal monotony

What is it?

A boneless butterflied chicken is a whole chicken that has been de-boned by hand. The chicken sits flatter making it easier to season, marinade or glaze. It cooks quicker and more evenly, and being boneless it easier to carve and serve.

It’s suitable for roasting, pan fry, searing on the BBQ or cooked in the air fryer.

Create a #midweekmasterpiece with this versatile, convenient and tasty chicken.

Cooking instructions:
• 30 minutes at 180°C in a fan forced oven or on a low-medium heat on the BBQ
• 25 minutes at 180°C in an air fryer

Cook like a ‘ Master Chef

We have teamed up with Eat Well Magazine and former Master Chef winner Emma Dean to produce a bespoke recipe using our new Boneless Butterflied Chicken cut.

Eat Well - Sept_Chicken_04

Recipe Inspiration

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The Bare Bird Boneless Butterflied Chicken

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