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Antibiotic Free Chicken

The Bare Bird is antibiotic free chicken.

Our free range chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics, growth promotants or other medications that may be classified as antibiotics.

The World Health Organisation has said the less we are exposed to antibiotics, the more effective they will be when we need them.

Free Range

Vegetarian Fed

antibiotic free chicken

Why antibiotic free?

In 2012 we made the ethical decision to remove all antibiotic growth promotants in our flocks and since then we have been working towards the removal of all antibiotics.

Watch our short video.

How can we do this?

Healthy birds in healthy environments simply don’t need antibiotics.

We keep our birds healthy by feeding them a vegetarian diet, made from grains, seeds, legumes and oils, for a nutritionally balanced diet. We have a strong focus on biosecurity and cleanliness on our farms and our dedicated team take great care of our chickens!

To learn more about antimicrobial resistance, and the threat to human health, visit the World Health Organization’s dedicated website.

antibiotic free chicken

What about bird welfare?

Bird welfare has and always will be our highest priority. If The Bare Birds were ever to fall ill and require antibiotic medication, we would administer it. We would not sell those chickens as The Bare Birds.

What about added hormones?

We can assure you that our chickens are raised completely free from added hormones and steroids. In fact, no chickens in Australia are given growth promoting hormones as it is illegal.