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Free Range Chicken Farms

Free Range Chicken Farm

The Bare Birds are raised on accredited free range chicken farm in Central Victoria. Well, what does that mean?

Our chicken farms have been accredited by the Free Range Egg & Poultry Association (FREPA) to ensure that they meet their standards.  These standards have been designed to create ‘a non stressful environment for the birds‘. 

The standards for free range chicken farm put regulation in place for outdoor ranging, feeding, lighting, stocking densities, transportation and a whole lot more.  You can find out more about these standards by heading to the FREPA website.   

The Bare Birds are brought indoors overnight to protect them from predators and the elements and during this time they are housed in large barns where they have access to their vegetarian feed and water.

To find your nearest stockist then head to our store locator page and enter your postcode. 

free range chicken farm