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TBB confit chicken with winter broth 2

Confit Chicken with Winter Broth

By Raymond Capaldi

4 serves

4 serves

15 mins

15 mins

35 mins

35 mins

The Bare Bird Chicken Breast Fillet
The Bare Bird - Breast Fillet Tray



4 The Bare Bird chicken breasts

Celery salt, for seasoning

1.5L The Bare Bird chicken stock

100g baby carrots, whole 

100g leek

100g shelled broad beans

100g baby peas

100g shelled edamame beans

100g asparagus spears

100g small oyster or nameko mushrooms

150g Brussel sprouts

15 celery leaves for garnish

50mL olive oil

  1. Season chicken breasts with celery salt. Place stock on stove on gentle heat, then place chicken breasts in stock, keeping temperature of stock at around 68°C, for 25–30 mins. With 6 mins to go, place carrots, leek and Brussels sprouts in pot, then with 3 mins to go, add broad beans, peas, edamame, asparagus spears and mushrooms.
  2. Touch chicken breasts and if they spring back when touched, they are ready. Spoon out vegetables, then place chicken breasts in warm bowl and arrange vegetables around it.
  3. Pour warm broth over whole dish, then add celery leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of celery salt.

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